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Blox provides innovative, smarter and more efficient crypto asset tracking and management. Helping business, organizations, and professionals to worry less about their crypto finance and concentrate on their core of businesses.


Role - UX, UI
Year - 2019



Insight cards are a quick way of welcoming the users every time they enter the app and letting them know how their portfolio performed in the last 24H, when a new app update is available for download, new quarterly reports available, and the latest activity summary.

This interaction was featured on Muzli’s blog and “Top 5 UI designs this week” by UI Movement.


B2b users can have thousands of transactions and accounts to follow and be updated on. To clear the clutter of the main/overview screen and improve the speed of the app, only the latest 5 of each sections are shown and can be expanded to a full list. The transition's purpose is to make the experience faster and clearer.

This interaction was featured in “Top 5 UI designs this week” by UI Movement.

Asset Page

Highlighting information about the asset and some expanded insights with dynamic graphs.

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