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Over the years I've had worked on several projects.

Role - Branding, UX, UI
Year - 2017-2020


A b2b dashboard concept that aims to help monitoring sales activity for businesses.


This app suggests movies and shows based on your current mood. To get recommendations you need to scroll and choose a mood.


A redesign concept focused on a unique, user centred experience.

Personalised feed
I have transformed the main tab from having lists of gigs that might feel overwhelming, to a curated feed. All the user’s interests are divided in tabs (defined in the onboarding). “My interests” is the 1st tab, it presents best of all categories and its content is curated by data and relevance - based on recent activity, saves, purchases, etc.

In addition to ideas for new potential services, users are exposed to relevant content that can educate and help finding the next steps and gigs.

The aim of the “Explore” tab is to assist users and suggest contextual/related services, based on interest or recent purchases.
1. A redesigned categories gallery - showing all the available services with the help of attention grabbing images and examples of services you can expect to find inside.
2. AI Assistant - The assistant bases the suggestion on the last product purchased. For example, a user who has created a website, for his next step might be interested in SEO or Social Media Marketing. After deciding on the service the assistant helps to filter the results with preferred budget, time frame etc, and presents the results in clearer and inviting segmentation. The idea here is to upgrade the search and filtering experience on mobile.


This app represents a secret society/private club where you can unburden your secrets and share them with your friends.

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